Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Elite Graduation & Concert @ Arabian Nite !

It's fun to do something different for a change like go to Middle East.. what say you... hehe.... =)

Tadika Elit Ceria's Graduation Ceremony & Concert which was held in New York Hotel JB with their Arabian Nite theme ~ a camel, a magic lamp & a flying carpet !... ♥

We hope you ♥ it Teacher Anny !.... =)


Unknown said...

MasyaAllah.....we love love love it Nina and Nazri....u guys were brilliant!!!!!...we are definitely a fan of your works! good luck guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MasyaAllah!!!!! Nina &Nazri, We love love love it!!!! We are a fan of your works...keep up the great job guys! The decor was memorable....