Sunday, October 14, 2012

The TajMahal

One of our big project this year, kinda challenging as I was still on my confinement & it was during Hari Raya Puasa... hehe.. btw, we managed to get things done as promised ~ the Taj Mahal @ Angsana main stage.. here's the pix ~

Size : 16' x 28'
Material : Styrofoam (Gabus/Polistren) with plywood base & stand

Thank you Zaza for your trust in us... :))

Kerawang Jawa/Thai

Yang ni lain sikit design kerawangnya dari kerawang-kerawang yang biasa.. I guess sesuai digunakan untuk theme Jawa atau Thai.. we just called it kerawang merong.. why?? rasa macam dalam cerita Merong Mahawangsa jer everytime we look at this kerawang.. hehehe... so, here's the pix.. :))

 Kerawang merong 2
Size : 3' x 6'
Material : Styrofoam

Kerawang merong
Size : 4' x 8'
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : Gold

& hasilnya is like this...

Cantikkan ??!!... :))

Thank you Zaza for your continuous order.. + we r happy working with U.. =))

Gold kerawang frame

Kerawang frame berwarna emas untuk pelamin anda.. nice rite ?!.. for those yang sukakan the rich Gold color will definitely luv this.. u can add blings to it or without it.. =)

Gold kerawang frame
Material : Styrofoam (gabus)
Size : 5ft x 4ft

Macheh Nana for d order... <3... :))

Arabian Arch

What have we missed ??  ok, now lets continue... :))

Arabian Arch untuk diletakkan infront of your existing panel or pillars ~

Arabian Arch
Material : Styrofoam with plywood base
Size : 3.5ft x 8ft

Terima kasih Kak Suraya for d order... <3 U..  =))

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We're Back !!

Hi all !!.. We're back in biz now after closing for sooooo long.. hehe.. ok, anything, just buzzz me..

& also more pictures will be uploaded & blog will be updated soon !! Tungguuuu.... :))