Friday, April 20, 2012

Pelamin Kerawang

Another beautiful pelamin kerawang completed this month.. it is an oval pelamin too I can say... i just luv the kerawang... =)

Material : Styrofoam/gabus/polistren
Colour : White
Size : 8'

Terima kasih Nana diatas tempahan... :))

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Staggered Pelamin Base

This is something simple but huge... :))

As a pelamin base in RJCC kalau tak silap... sharing pix below.. simple rite but with a creative hand decorating it, I believe it will turn out to be a pretty awesome pelamin.. *wink wink..

Size : 10ft x 10 ft
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : White

TQ Moon for the order... ♥

100pcs of Felt Flowers

Pheww.... how glad we are when we managed to finish the 100pcs of bunga felt just on time !!... hehe... I think we have borong habis all the available white felt in JB during that time (yup, it's not easy to get felt in JB ~ very limited sources) but at least now we know where to get it from in bulk in the future.. =)

Size : 1ft
Colour : White
Material : Felt

Thank you Zaza for the order.. :))

Vintage Arch

I was told that this vintage arch will be put on top of roman pillar... mite look something like the arabian or moroccon pelamin I guess.. kind of nice & creative, I can say.. :))

Size : 4 x 8
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : White

Thanks Zagge for the order...

Kerawang Gold

It is mid of April already!!... cepatnyer masa berlalu.. seriously can't find time to update this blog until today.. =)

Again another gold kerawang.. still a favorite i guess..

Size : 2 x 4
Material : Styrofoam/gabus/polistrin
Colour : Gold
Terima kasih Ude for the order... :))