Thursday, December 20, 2012

NINA NAZRI Creations

Oh yes here is one more happy thing to share with everyone !!

We are officially registered as NINA NAZRI Creations at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) on 12.12.12 !!.. yay !!.. mengambil kesempatan menggunakan tarikh yg cantik itu juga.. heee... :))

OK lah, roger & out for now.. nnt got free time update lagi.. have a nice day all !.. :))

Ostrich Feathers a.k.a Bulu Burung Unta

Waaa!! lamanyer tak update blog.. teramat bz.. sorry guys !.. =)

Ok, as usual ada byk gambar nak share but too little time so kena tunggu lagi.. huhu.. but just nak inform to you all, untuk sesiapa yang berminat untuk order Ostrich Feathers @ Bulu Burung Unta untuk deco, pelamin, hantaran & etc, boleh order dari saya sekarang !!.. yay !!.. HEHE.. :))

Pre-Order now ! Confirm order dengan 50% deposit ! Baki boleh bayar time ambil barang nanti.. :)

Tempahan dibuka sekarang.. :)

Size available ~
18"-20" : RM18/pc

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The TajMahal

One of our big project this year, kinda challenging as I was still on my confinement & it was during Hari Raya Puasa... hehe.. btw, we managed to get things done as promised ~ the Taj Mahal @ Angsana main stage.. here's the pix ~

Size : 16' x 28'
Material : Styrofoam (Gabus/Polistren) with plywood base & stand

Thank you Zaza for your trust in us... :))

Kerawang Jawa/Thai

Yang ni lain sikit design kerawangnya dari kerawang-kerawang yang biasa.. I guess sesuai digunakan untuk theme Jawa atau Thai.. we just called it kerawang merong.. why?? rasa macam dalam cerita Merong Mahawangsa jer everytime we look at this kerawang.. hehehe... so, here's the pix.. :))

 Kerawang merong 2
Size : 3' x 6'
Material : Styrofoam

Kerawang merong
Size : 4' x 8'
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : Gold

& hasilnya is like this...

Cantikkan ??!!... :))

Thank you Zaza for your continuous order.. + we r happy working with U.. =))

Gold kerawang frame

Kerawang frame berwarna emas untuk pelamin anda.. nice rite ?!.. for those yang sukakan the rich Gold color will definitely luv this.. u can add blings to it or without it.. =)

Gold kerawang frame
Material : Styrofoam (gabus)
Size : 5ft x 4ft

Macheh Nana for d order... <3... :))

Arabian Arch

What have we missed ??  ok, now lets continue... :))

Arabian Arch untuk diletakkan infront of your existing panel or pillars ~

Arabian Arch
Material : Styrofoam with plywood base
Size : 3.5ft x 8ft

Terima kasih Kak Suraya for d order... <3 U..  =))

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We're Back !!

Hi all !!.. We're back in biz now after closing for sooooo long.. hehe.. ok, anything, just buzzz me..

& also more pictures will be uploaded & blog will be updated soon !! Tungguuuu.... :))

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Are Closed

& we'll be back on 1st October, 2012, insyaAllah... semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan di dalam bulan Sya'aban, Ramadhan dan Syawal pada tahun ini... =)

See you !.. ♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Kerawang is still a favorite at the moment... putting it at the rite place with a good color combination of flowers & lightings, will definitely create a nice ambiance of your pelamin.. :))

Kerawang panjang
Size : 2ft x 7ft
Material : Styrofoam

Size : 2ft x 5ft
Material : Styrofoam

Thank you Kak Suraya for this order too.. ♥ 

Kerawang Box

Kerawang boxes untuk pelamin juga.. kinda cute.. with a bit of lighting from inside the box wud give a warmy glowy effect to it rite... hehe... =)

Kerawang box
Material : Wooden frame & styrofoam kerawang
Size :
Big - 20 " x 10"
Small - 10" x 10"

Terima kasih kak Suraya for the order... :))

Kerawang frame with artificial mirror

Something new to share here, kerawang frame tapi diletakkan cermin artificial/palsu menggunakan aluminium sheet.. memang x boleh tengok muka sendiri in this artificial mirror sebab it is just for decorating purposes only...  :))

Material : Styrofoam (gabus/polistren)
Artificial mirror : Aluminium sheet
Size : 5' x 3'
Thank you Moon for the order.. =)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bunga felt merah & putih

Akhirnya ada yang order warna lain, jika tidak mataku hanya nampak putih sajer.. almost color blind.. hehe... this combination of merah & putih juga cantik, nampak bright... :))

Material : Felt
Size : Red - 6"
White - 1ft

Terima kasih kak Suraya (all the way from Seremban) di atas tempahan... :)

Roman pillar

This roman pillar material are combination of styrofoam & plywood... pillar tu 100% styrofoam & box panel bawah menggunakan frame kayu & plywood.... ok tak ? hehe.. for us it is OK ! can be done ~ light but stable.. :))

Material : Styrofoam + wood & plywood
Size : Box panel ~ 1  1/2ft x 1  1/2ft
Pillar ~ 8ft, diameter ~ 1ft
Top ~ 1/2ft
Total height : 10ft
TQ Moon for your continuous order & trust in us... ♥

Bunga felt pink & putih

Sharing here different size combination of bunga felt pink dan putih ordered from us... such a sweetie pie rite ?.. :))

Material : Felt
Colour : Pink
Size : 1ft
Colour : White
Size : 1 1/2ft
Terima kasih Jaja di atas tempahan... =)

Pagar for pelamin

Pagar can also be a part of decoration di atas pelamin... nice isn't it ?... well, it depends on your creativity... =)

Size : 2' x 8'
Material : Styrofoam (Polystyrene)
TQ Moon for the order.. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pelamin Kerawang

Another beautiful pelamin kerawang completed this month.. it is an oval pelamin too I can say... i just luv the kerawang... =)

Material : Styrofoam/gabus/polistren
Colour : White
Size : 8'

Terima kasih Nana diatas tempahan... :))

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Staggered Pelamin Base

This is something simple but huge... :))

As a pelamin base in RJCC kalau tak silap... sharing pix below.. simple rite but with a creative hand decorating it, I believe it will turn out to be a pretty awesome pelamin.. *wink wink..

Size : 10ft x 10 ft
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : White

TQ Moon for the order... ♥

100pcs of Felt Flowers

Pheww.... how glad we are when we managed to finish the 100pcs of bunga felt just on time !!... hehe... I think we have borong habis all the available white felt in JB during that time (yup, it's not easy to get felt in JB ~ very limited sources) but at least now we know where to get it from in bulk in the future.. =)

Size : 1ft
Colour : White
Material : Felt

Thank you Zaza for the order.. :))

Vintage Arch

I was told that this vintage arch will be put on top of roman pillar... mite look something like the arabian or moroccon pelamin I guess.. kind of nice & creative, I can say.. :))

Size : 4 x 8
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : White

Thanks Zagge for the order...

Kerawang Gold

It is mid of April already!!... cepatnyer masa berlalu.. seriously can't find time to update this blog until today.. =)

Again another gold kerawang.. still a favorite i guess..

Size : 2 x 4
Material : Styrofoam/gabus/polistrin
Colour : Gold
Terima kasih Ude for the order... :))

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pasu Vintage

Custom made pasu vintage untuk pelamin ~

Size : 3ft & 4ft
Colour : Bronze
Material : Plywood & kerawang styrofoam (gabus/polistren)

Thank you Zaza for the order.. *wink wink... =)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bunga Felt Putih

30 pcs of bunga felt putih dalam 3 sizes baru jer siap ordered by Kak Liza from KL... =)

Size (in this pix) : 6 ", 8" & 1ft
Colour : Putih
Material : Felt

TQ Kak !.. tomorrow morning will send out to you by courier ok !... :))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pokok Bronze

Another POKOK untuk pelamin berwarna bronze just completed 6pcs of it... pheww.. :))

Size : 8' x 4'
Material : Styrofoam/gabus siap dgn plywood base
Warna : Bronze

Terima kasih Zaza diatas tempahan... =)

Gold or Bronze

Just for your & my info.. hehe.. memang terdapat perbezaan pada warna Gold dan Bronze, in case you want to order using this color.. the differences obviously can be seen dalam gambar dibawah rite ~

colour is just like the blink2 jewellery

more to chocolatish with a bit of blink

Sharing is caring.. ♥.. =)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pelamin Oval (with or without kerawang)

Just complete with another Pelamin Oval project.. :)

Boleh digunakan dengan kerawang atau tanpa kerawang, terpulang pada creativity time decorating it actually, both would look nice with flowers & etc... =)

Sharing the pix ~

Oval (tanpa kerawang)
Size : 8' x 10'
Colour : White

Oval dengan kerawang
Size : 10' x 10'
Material : Styrofoam dengan plywood base + stand

Quite high with kerawang so have to take pix di luar porch.. hehe..

Thank you Rose for the order... ♥

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kerawang Putih

Yup, just finished with another kerawang berwarna putih... :)

Size : 2' x 4'
Material : Styrofoam
Colour : White

Thanx Nana for the order... =)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We are on FB too ya !

Kami juga ada di facebook under Nina Nazri atau di fb page Nina & Nazri's Biz... Boleh add kami yer !.. :))

Monday, March 5, 2012

Design baru ~ Pelamin Frame

Kami bercadang untuk menjadikan frame cantik dan comel ini as frame pelamin yang besar... Ok tak ?.. =)

Just sharing this beautiful picture frame, ternampak while jalan2 @ Metrojaya... kalau berminat, boleh buat tempahan yer.... *wink wink..

Cadangan size : 6' x 8' atau 8' x 10'

Monday, February 27, 2012


Seperti biasa I just can't wait to share (what is wrong with me ?.. absolutely Nothing !!.. hehe).. selalu tak sabar... =)

Pix of the unfinished Kerawang (pending carving & sanding & painting) on a half-oval backdrop base.. :))

Material : Styrofoam

Bunga felt

This is how turqoise & pink felt flowers look like... softie & I just luv it... ♥ ♥ ♥

Material : of course felt.. :))
Size : 6"
Size : 1ft
Rows of felts flowers ♥
Terima kasih Rose for the order... *wink wink... :))