Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oval Shape Awan Larat Pelamin Base

Wow... extremely bz sampai tak sedar cepatnyer masa berlalu... dah sebulan rupanyer tak update this blog... :)

Anyway, hope that everyone and everything in this world are just as fine and happy as we are (even though we are very tired...hehe)... :))

Ok, back to biznez talk...hehe.... we had just completed an order by Moon, 3 sets of oval shape awan larat pelamin base and 5 pcs of square boxes panel as below pix...

Size : 8'H x 6'W
Colour : Silver & White
Material : Styrofoam c/w plywood base & metal stand

some pix of Moon's setting up the pelamin base @ RJCC banquet hall.... =)

Thanx Moon for your continuous trust in us.... ♥


nfa87 said...

This the latest design utk pelamin 2013? :-)

Nina & Nazri said...

bukan latest.. ni dah guna dua tahun yg lepas.. :)